Experience Points (XP)

With the introduction of primeETH, we will be debuting a new incentive program: Experience Points. Users that hold primeETH will receive LST yield, EigenLayer Points, and Experience Points. OETH deposits will receive an additional 2x bonus on their XP.

*Note that transferring primeETH to another wallet will disqualify your 2x bonus.

primeETH XP will be accrue based on the amount of LSTs you hold per hour. The exact calculation is as follows:

  • # of LSTs held * # per hour * 10,000

  • # of OETH held * # per hour * 20,000

Early depositors will also earn an XP multiplier on their deposit; XP boosts are as follows:

  • 5x multiplier on day 1 (24 hour period starting at 12pm PT February 5)

  • 4x multiplier on day 2

  • 3x multiplier on day 3

  • 2x multiplier on day 4

Moreover, you can earn an XP bonus depending on the amount of LSTs you deposit:

  • ≥10 primeETH: 1.05x multiplier

  • ≥100 primeETH: 1.1x multiplier

  • ≥1,000 primeETH: 1.15x multiplier

  • ≥2,000 primeETH: 1.2x multiplier

XP Examples

Bob deposits 3,000 OETH at launch and receives a 5x early deposit multiplier, a 1.2x whale multiplier, and and 2x OETH multiplier.

Bob's bonus for that day would be 400% + 20% + 100% = 520% (6.2x).

Ashley deposits 50 stETH on day two and receives a 4x early deposit multiplier, a 1.05x whale multiplier, and no OETH multiplier.

Ashley's bonus for that day would be 300% + 5% (4.05x).

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